Meet the Vet

Stephanie Campbell-Heron,
DVM, PhD, MSc, BSc

Traditionally, the ‘about the vet’ paragraphs talk about their lifelong love of animals. With Dr. Stephanie Campbell-Heron, it was no different. Her musician mother was a little appalled to have a toddler daughter who would, left on her own, run up and hug the legs of strange horses. Luckily horses are usually kind, and so she has survived to take lessons as a child, as an adult, and got her first horse in 1998, a very brave mare who was Stephanie’s partner through parades, tournaments, and adventures with toboggans. Stephanie and her husband bought a farm in the Canborough area in 2007 and continue pushing the tolerance of their horses with horseback archery, sidesaddle riding, jousting, along with more mainstream pursuits.

Veterinary medicine is a second career for Stephanie, who spent 13 years teaching anatomy at McMaster University. After attending Ontario Veterinary School, Stephanie spent some time doing mixed practice in Northern Ontario, and now comes back to Ontario from practicing in the US doing veterinary work with sport horses. Stephanie is excited to bring her love of teaching all things medical to the personal level between vet and client.

Stephanie calls 3 of the 7 horses on her property her own. She mostly Rides to Hounds, jousts, and does basic dressage with them. She also has two retired foxhounds and a Bengal cat named Kipling.

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